Marine activities

Tanegashima Iwasaki Hotel Marine activities

Enjoy your vacation on the beach right in front of the hotel.
We offer various marine activities.

1. Half Day Tour

① Kayaking and Snorkeling

tanegashimaiwasakihotel kayaking

Enjoy kayaking to an inhabited island and snorkel with numerous tropical fish and coral.This is nature's aquarium.

② Kayaking through mangrove tree forest

tanegashimaiwasakihotel mangrove kayaking

In this activity, you can enjoy natures beauty as you kayak in this majestic mangrove forest. You may even be able to see rare animals and bugs.

③ Diving activities for beginners

tanegashimaiwasakihotel diving

Beginners of diving are welcome to this activity. Enjoy beautiful tropical fish and coral.

④ Snorkeling

tanegashimaiwasakihotel diving

Enjoy the clean and blue ocean, beautiful coral and colorful tropical fish.

⑤ Sea Kayaking

tanegashimaiwasakihotel sea kayaking

Kayak to one of the inhabited islands in Minamitane! You can see the "elephant rock" closer than in front of the hotel.

⑥ Marine Sports Packages

tanegashimaiwasakihotel sea kayaking

Enjoy one of your favorite water sports; banana boat, sea kayaking or jet skiing

Price of course ①~⑥

Time 3 hours between 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM
(Excluded tax)

2. Riding Activities

tanegashimaiwasakihotel seaKayak

Enjoy your favorite riding activities

Banana boat, Great big marble, Jet skiing

Time 10-15minutes
Price (Excluded tax) @500/Per person

3. Surf

tanegashimaiwasakihotel シーkayak

Tanegashima is well known as a mecca for surfing in Japan.

Enjoy surfing with either a long board or short board.

A) Surfboard rental

Time 3 hours
Rental fee
(Excluded tax)
Price 3,500yen (Long board/ Short board)

B)Surf lesson
(For beginners / You must fill out the confirmation sheet)

Time 2hours
The number limit Up to 3 people.
Price (Excluded tax) 6,000 yen
(Included rental fee of board and insurance fee)

Night activities

Tanegashima Iwasaki Hotel Night activities

Tanegashima is known as the closest island to the stars.
Experience unforgettable stargazing under the night sky.


Tanegashima Golf Resort

Tanegashima Iwasaki Hotel Tanegashima Golf Resort

Tanegashima Golf Resort

Enjoy golfing on a full 18-hole golf course designed by Karl Litten.

Tanegashima Golf Resort